tonight (7th august) jon will play our show from a month or so back in london. on air from 10pm.

you can also hear matthew playing gtr with wire who are this weeks artists in residence. 

double dose'll doo ya!


nice news and interview here: 

tomorrow we play at the lexington. onstage 8.30pm.

facebook info thingy here:

tickets / £7 / here:



my other band are holding a little shin dig to celebrate the release of our new album, and my other other band are playing, as well as my other band.


ihb - lexington, london - march 21st. onstage 8.30pm. £7.

be there or not.

i will be for sure.


this is going to be good.

we play 8pm. its free.

my sad captains play at 9pm.

it's still free.

week on saturday (oct 27)

come down!


sorry its been a little quiet on here but we have been busy!
album 3 is well under way... its more finished than its started!

 and we yet have more good news..

the it hugs back family has recently grown as Paul has became a father to little baby Lily.
she is lovely!

>>>  lots of recent photos from the record room here <<<


this weekend we play the windmill in brixton, the place of some of my most memorable it hugs back gigs (one show paul and i played here as a duo is legendary between us to be quite honest) so i would risk missing us on saturday, just incase, so you can say, i was there!! it was as as good as the legend, if not better. o.k, we play at 7.30, lots of other good bands, and sunshine, hovering exactly over the windmill. i did a forecast. thanks. matt. and a facebook event with infoformation: http://www.facebook.com/events/232376510209399/